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High Volume

Designed to handle millions of requests per minute. Requests are served with a highly scalalbe cloud infrastructure.

High Availability

We use multiple layers of caching and several replications to provide high availabilty. See our status page for actual numbers on our availability.

Open Terms

You can use the service for essentially every use-case, including asset tracking, navigation, and private applications.

Open Standards

We love open source, open data, and open standards. You can use Mapilion with Mapbox GL, OpenLayers, VTM, or any other MVT compatible client.

Raster Tiles

We believe that vector tiles are the future. But today raster tiles are still very important. We currently offer two raster styles: OSM Bright and Kurviger Liberty. We also offer hosting your own OpenMapTiles compatible style, please contact us for details.

Hillshading Tiles

Mapilion provides two different sets of hillshading tiles. V1 is based SRTM data, V2 is based on SRTM, ASTER GDEM, and Copernicus data. In addition to vector tile clients, the hillshading tiles can be also used with raster tile clients like Leaflet.


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Our Pricing Plan


  • Flexible pricing, you can chooose how many requests you need
  • We charge for vector tiles, hillshading tiles, and raster tiles
  • We offer 20% discounts for anual contracts and discounts for high volume plans (starting at 10m/month), please contact us
  • We offer discounts for open source projects and academic projects, please contact us for details
  • Free 30 day trial
  • SEPA payments, invoice payment, and more are available, please contact us
  • Note: our sign up is not completely automated yet. After your payment, we will send you an access-token within 24 hours


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